• How To Get My Cat Comfortable With Riding In A Car?

    Whether you are bringing your cat to the vet or you are going on a vacation with your furry baby, it is undeniable that a car ride can potentially be stressful to your feline friend. Instead of having an easy, pleasurable trip, you might find yourself traveling with a scared, nervous, and anxious cat.

    So, what could be some of the best ways for you to make your cat comfortable riding in your car? 

  • Need a Snuggle Kitty? Here's What You Need To Know!

    Cats are just soft, cuddly, cute, and warm. Thus, it is not difficult to see that more than 60% of feline owners let their cats sleep with them on their beds.

    However, you might wonder whether you should let your cat sleep with you or not. It’s only natural to think about this especially when you are a loving and responsible owner. You don’t want to put your cat at risk when doing something you haven’t thought of before.

  • Myth Busters: Do Cats Really Always Land On Their Feet?

    You probably have already heard of the expression, “Cats always land on their feet.” Well, a lot of cats do land on their feet and you most likely have seen how cats always nail their landing.

    However, you might wonder, “Do they really always land on their feet, 100% of the time?” Is this a myth or there’s truth in this belief?

  • Why Do Cats Meow?

    Meow! Meow! Meow! Whether it is music to your ears or an irritating noise, you know how cats love to make this sound. But, have you wondered, “Why do cat’s meow?” Perhaps, you might have asked whether there is any significant meaning to it or not.
  • What Causes My Cat To Vomit?

    You don’t like your cat to vomit. Not just because you have a mess to clean up, but also it is a bit alarming. You might worry whether your cat is alright or is the vomiting an indication of something serious.
  • How To Cut Your Cat's Nails

    Clip Clip! Whether it is you or your cat who gets nervous during a nail trimming session, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, it shouldn’t be this way. Instead, nail trimming should be an enjoyable and calm experience for both you and your feline friend.

  • Can Cats Read?

    Cats Are Among The Most Amazing And Intelligent Animals In The World. They can do a lot of things that humans can’t. However, could reading be one of their superpowers? Can they read like us? Well, the answer may depend on what you want them to read.

    Stick around and let us take a deeper look at the answer to the question, “Can cats read?”

  • Surprising Facts About Outdoor Cats

    When owning a cat, there are a lot of things you need to consider. Chief among them would be whether to keep them outdoor or not.

    As a responsible owner, you want to think about this aspect of pet ownership. After all, you want only the best for your cat and your choice could dramatically affect his health and welfare.

  • How To Talk To My Cat?

    Wouldn’t It Be Nice If You Can Talk To Your Cat Like How You Would When Talking To Humans? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you and your cat completely understand each other --- like you exactly know what you and your cat meant?

  • What Do Cats Use Their Whiskers For?

    A Cat's Mustache Perhaps?  One trademark of cats is their whiskers. In fact, if you think about whiskers, most people would think about cats. The...
  • How To Get Cats Used To A New Environment

    Change Is Often A Good Thing! Whether you are moving in a new house or you are bringing in a new fur baby, sometimes, it could be tough to get your cat used to a new environment. If two-legged family members take a few days or weeks to get used to a new place, it can even be more difficult for companion pets to adjust.

  • Why Does My Cat Brush Against My Legs?

    Cats Can Sometimes Be Easily Misunderstood. Because they can act out of stress and instinct, some of their actions are difficult to interpret. However, there are those actions that you can easily decipher and will gladly know that they convey a positive message. One of these actions is your cat brushing against your legs.