Why Does My Cat Growl?

Why Does My Cat Growl?

You See Lions And Tigers Growling And It Can Be Frightening If You Imagine Being Near Them

Your cat also growls, but it is not as big and scary as what you see with their wild cousins.

But, you might wonder, “Why do cats growl?” Now, there might be various reasons for this. Part of understanding your cat is also understanding his growl.

Is he growling because he is aggressive? Is it because he is hungry? Or is he just being dramatic?

On top of knowing the reason for your cat’s growl, you should also know how to properly react to it.

So, in this blog, let us take a deeper look at why cats growl to better understand them.

Why Does My Cat Growl?

Cats Growl To Protect Their Territory

While dogs are known to be territorial, cats can be too. They growl when someone or other animals try to encroach in their personal space. Not only that but sometimes, cats can growl towards strangers and visitors whom they see as intruders.

Why Does My Cat Growl?

Cats Growl To Show Dominance

Cats love to be on top of things. They want to be in control. That’s why growling is an effective way for them to dominate other animals. They even try to dominate over you through their growling.

Cats Grow When In Pain

Pain can do a lot of things in your cat and that includes growling. There are various conditions that can put your cat in a lot of pain.

It could be physical injury, dental disease, urinary tract infections, metabolic disorders, arthritis, and others. As your cat tries to pacify the pain, he may make different sounds such as growling to divert his attention from the unpleasant sensation he is feeling.

Why Does My Cat Growl?

Cats Growl When They Are Angry

Some of the most obvious reasons cats growl are because they are angry, annoyed, or irritated. Watch out if your cat is growling out of anger as he can become aggressive and may attack.

Cats Growl To Protect Themselves

Cats may growl even when they are afraid or threatened. In an effort to repel predators or aggressors, they growl to make themselves look fiercer, bigger, and more intimidating.

For mother cats, they growl to protect their kittens. It serves as a warning to anyone and lets them know that getting closer may lead to a fatal confrontation.

Sometimes, cats also grow to protect their favorite toy or food. They don’t like to share their items and so, they growl.

Why Does My Cat Growl?

What You Need To Do

Growling can mean a lot of things. That’s why it is not a great wonder that cats can be one of the most misunderstood animals in our home. One moment they are rubbing their face against you and next they are ignoring you. They can change from being clingy into suddenly lurking around the corner.

So, the first thing you need to do is determine first what might be the reason your cat is growling. It’s good that by reading this blog, you already have some pretty good ideas of the different possible reasons for your cat’s growl.

Once you have determined why your cat is growling, you will have a better idea of what to do next. If your cat is constantly growling with no apparent reason, it is best to have him checked. Your cat may be in pain and there could be an underlying medical condition he is suffering from. Alternatively, you can also check with a cat behavioral expert. Sometimes, your cat’s problem may lie in the psychological aspect.



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