Why Does My Cat Brush Against My Legs?

Why Does My Cat Brush Against My Legs?

Cats Can Sometimes Be Easily Misunderstood.

Because they can act out of stress and instinct, some of their actions are difficult to interpret. However, there are those actions that you can easily decipher and will gladly know that they convey a positive message. One of these actions is your cat brushing against your legs.

Perhaps, you have noticed your cat brushing against you. What does this mean? Is it something you should be happy or worried about? Don’t worry. This article got you covered. Here are some of the common reasons your cat is brushing against your legs.

Why Does My Cat Brush Against My Legs?

He Loves You

Whether your cat is brushing, head butting, or bunting against you, it’s a clear message that he likes and loves you. It is one of the known affiliative behaviors of cats.

The main reason cats are doing this is to impart you with their scent. As you may know, your cat has glands all over their body that secretes pheromones. These glands can be found on their cheeks, chins, foreheads, tail, paw pads, and anal areas.

Thus, when they rub against you, they are trying to mark you as one of their own. It is an affectionate gesture cats learned from their mother when they are still kittens.

Why Does My Cat Brush Against My Legs?

He Greets You

Body and head rubbing are both great ways for your cat to say, “Good morning” or ‘“Hey there”  to you. It’s a nice way of saying they are glad to see you and want to express it through their body language.

He Communicates With You And Others

Other forms of communication of cats are fleeting --- meaning, communication only happens when your cat and others are present. However, using scent to communicate is a unique way for your cat to express himself.

You see, scents tend to linger around for a longer period of time. This means that even if your cat is not actively meowing or using body language, he is still communicating through his scents even long after he left his scent.

Why Does My Cat Brush Against My Legs?

He Is Marking His “Territory”

Cats are known to be territorial and they like to mark their territory with their scents. Now, it doesn’t mean that your cat sees you as his possession. Because if he does, he would be doing something else and not just simply rubbing against you.

A more extreme way to mark territory is through spraying. Rubbing against you is a relaxing and friendly behavior of your cat to show his fondness of you.

Moreover, your cat also rubs against furniture and other inanimate objects to mark them. This makes him more comfortable and relaxed while staying in your home.

He Wants To Learn More

When you have guests, your cat may try to rub against them. This does not automatically mean that your cat wants to be petted, but rather they simply want to know more about the strangers who suddenly invade his territory. By rubbing, they can also sense whether that person also has pets or where they came from.

When your cat rubs against you, the same can also be said. He could be trying to figure you where you have been or what you have been doing lately.

Why Does My Cat Brush Against My Legs?

Final Words

These are some of the reasons your cat rubs against your legs. Cats are truly wonderful creatures who can be mysterious at times. Thankfully, you can better understand them by researching related topics.

If you need to know more, you can speak to vets, pet trainers, and cat behaviorists. You can get more information from them and even get pieces of advice to better take care of your cat.



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