What Does A New Toy Mean For Your Cat?

What Does A New Toy Mean For Your Cat?

New Toys Can Be Very Interesting.

According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), the pet industry has massively grown in recent years. Its market expanded from $48.35 billion in 2010 to $72.56 billion in 2018. That number is predicted to increase in the following years.

A huge number of pet industry expenditures include toys. That’s why it is not difficult to see a lot of toys available in the market for your cat.

However, you might wonder, is it really needed for you to buy toys for your cat? Are there any advantages and disadvantages you should know about cat toys? Let us take a deep dive to answer these questions.

What Does A New Toy Mean For Your Cat?

Benefits Of New Cat Toys

Everyone loves to have a toy. Since we are young, we use toys to entertain ourselves, and even when we are adults, we still play with toys.

The same can be said among cats. They also love toys to play with.

The number one benefit of cat toys is stimulation. Toys provide a stimulating environment. This allows your cat to avoid getting bored, which then results in increased happiness and wellbeing.

Toys are a great tool for your cat to enjoy and at the same time, get the exercise he needs. It serves as an outlet for them to spend their energy. They also get mental and physical stimulation by playing with toys.

Remember, cats are natural predators. They are full of energy, which they normally need to hunt for food. But since cats are now domesticated, they don’t need too much energy anymore.

What Does A New Toy Mean For Your Cat?

So, what do you do with the excess energy? They need to spend them on appropriate objects and that’s where cat toys come in.

If cats are not able to spend their energy healthily, this may lead to negative behaviors such as scratching on furniture, chewing on your stuff, and even hunting vermin around your house.

Another important benefit of toys is that it gives you the chance to bond with your four-legged friend. Some toys are designed to help you play with your cat. This gives you a fresh way to interact with your cat and makes play more fun for both of you.

Now, like children, cats may become eventually bored with a particular toy. They lose interest and simply ignore the toy.

That’s why it is important to give your cat new toys every once in a while. This allows your cat to stay stimulated and interested. Not only that, but this gives you a chance to replace old, broken toys.

What Does A New Toy Mean For Your Cat?

Disadvantages Of New Cat Toys

Perhaps, the primary disadvantage of new cat toys is the price. While the price tag of cat toys may greatly vary depending on its features, you would most likely spend around $5-$20 for each of them. So, if you buy a few cat toys multiple times, then you can easily spend about $100 on cat toys in a year.

Of course, if you have the budget, then this shouldn’t be an issue for you.

Moreover, another disadvantage of new cat toys would be the possibility that your cat doesn’t like it. Cats have different personalities. It doesn’t mean that if your neighbor’s cat loves laser pointers, your cat will also love them.

Finally, a new toy may potentially be hazardous to your cat. If you are not careful, the new toy may be made of harmful chemicals or it poses a choking risk. So, be careful when choosing a new toy. Be sure it is made with quality and safe materials.

What Does A New Toy Mean For Your Cat?

Final Words

We all love our feline friend and we want to give them things that will make them happy and healthy. There’s no doubt: cat toys are not just optional, but in some cases, mandatory for your furry friend. As you choose a toy, be sure that it is not just fun for your cat, but it is also safe for him to play with it.



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