The 6 Stages of a Cat's Life - How Cat Years Really Work!

How Old is Your Cat in Cat Years?

You Know Your Cat's Age in Human Years, But How Old is Your Cat in Cat Years?

Do you want to know how many 'cat years' are in each of our 'human years?' While you may think determining how old your cat really is can be done by simply multiplying their age by a set number, the way cat years work isn't quite that straightforward.

When compared to human babies, kittens need much less time to grow and develop when they are inside their mothers. They also only need close attention and care for a much shorter period of time than a newborn child will. A kitten will generally become independent and able to care for themselves by the time they are just a few months old. With human children, it will be multiple years until they are able to be mostly self-sufficient.

Determining Cat Years Isn't Quite as Straightforward as Dogs Years

While there isn't a set formula for determining how old a cat is in cat years, most people agree that a two-year-old cat's physical development and maturity is more or less equivalent to that of a 24-year-old human. After the first two years, they don't keep adding 12 years to their age every year. The rate slows down to about four years. So, a three-year-old cat would be about 28 in cat years.

There are Generally 6 Stages in a Cat's Life

To help you understand the different stages in a cat's life and their approximate ages in cat years, here is a helpful chart:

Stage 1: Kitten Phase

Human Years: Between 0 and 6 months 
Cat Year: Between 0 and 10 years

Stage 2: Junior Phase

Human Years: Between 7 months and 2 years
Cat Years: Between 12 and 24 years

Stage 3: Prime Phase

Human Years: Between 3 and 6 years Age
Cat Years: Between 28 and 40 years

Stage 4: Mature Phase

Human Years: Between 7 and 10 years
Cat Years: Between 44 and 56 years

Stage 5: Senior Phase

Human Years: Between 11 and 14 years 
Cat Years: Between 60 and 72 years

Stage 6: Geriatric Phase

Human Years: 15 years and up
Cat Years: 76 years and up (4 years for each year above 15)

Why it's Important to Know Your Cat's Real Age

Just like humans need specific care, diets, and lifestyles during stages in their lifetime, so do cats. Knowing how old your cat is in "cat years" can help you provide a happier and healthier life for them!

How old is YOUR cat in cat years? Let us know in the comments below!



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