Surprising Facts About Outdoor Cats

Surprising Facts About Outdoor Cats

Pros And Cons Of Outdoor Cats

When owning a cat, there are a lot of things you need to consider. Chief among them would be whether to keep them outdoor or not.

As a responsible owner, you want to think about this aspect of pet ownership. After all, you want only the best for your cat and your choice could dramatically affect his health and welfare.

So, should you keep your cat outside or not? In this post, let us explore the pros and cons.

Surprising Facts About Outdoor Cats

The Pros Of Outdoor Cats

The most important advantage of having an outdoor cat is freedom. Instead of just keeping your cat in a limited space in your home, he can explore the great outdoors.

It is important to note that cats are naturally curious about their surroundings. They want to explore and go to places they haven’t been to before. By allowing your cat to live outside, you are enabling him to satisfy this urge within them.

Another benefit of having an outdoor cat is that your cat is able to get enough exercise. With a bigger space to explore, he can spend more energy walking and running around. Outdoor cats are less likely to become obese compared to cats who stay indoors.

Moreover, cats who can go outside don’t get bored easily. They have more things to do and more opportunities to play. They can climb fences and trees. Jump from one place to another. Run around in the backyard, meet with other cat friends, and a lot more!

There are also instances when your cat might feel stressed especially when there’s a change in your indoor space. For example, having too many people during a party or loud music could cause stress. Your cat can then simply go out and escape this situation. Outdoor cats are known to be more well-adjusted and they can avoid behavioral problems easily.

With your cat spending more time outside, there will be less fur and things to clean inside your home.

Surprising Facts About Outdoor Cats

The Cons Of Outdoor Cats

If there are advantages, but there are also disadvantages.

For one, the outside world is generally more dangerous for your cat. You can say that your cat is safer inside your home than being outside.

Your cat can easily get into an accident like being run over by vehicles. He may suffer a fall or get into a fight with other cats. There’s also the risk that he gets electrocuted by tripping live wire. Not to mention that your cat may eat something harmful or poisonous to him.

If your cat is outside, you can’t always look after him and supervise what he is doing. You might even have your cat get stolen by others or your cat runs away, never coming back anymore.

Surprising Facts About Outdoor Cats

Moreover, outdoor cats are prone to catching parasites both externally and internally. There’s the chance that your cat brings these parasites inside your home along with other dirt he got from outside.

Don’t forget that your cat by nature is a predator. He may let his instinct drive him to hunt vermins and you don’t want seeing dead animals lie in your backyard or even having your cat bring them inside your home!

Finally, think about your neighbors as well. If your cat gets into their property and does something your neighbor doesn’t like, it could become a source of misunderstanding and conflict between you and them.

Surprising Facts About Outdoor Cats

Should You Let Your Cat Go Outside?

These are just some of the things you need to consider when deciding whether to have an outdoor cat or not.

Surely, there are both pros and cons for each option. So, it is up to you to weigh them and come up with the best decision.

If you are having doubts and trouble, don’t hesitate to speak to your vet. Getting professional advice could help you make the right choice.



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