The Cat Product Veterinarians are Raving About

Dr. Ross Bernstein Approves the ScratchyRamp

Veterinarians & Cat Parents are Raving About This Unique Cat Product!

The first 2-in-1 cat scratcher and ramp is becoming a major part of the online cat community. You might have seen an ad on Facebook or Instagram for this new product called the "ScratchyRamp", along with social media posts from your furrriends. But, why? You might ask.

What makes this product such a necessity for cats? What is the hype all about? 

Cats Posing With Their ScratchyRamps

Instead of telling you ourselves, we decided to ask Veterinarians. 

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Ross Bernstein, DVM, to speak with him about the benefits the ScratchyRamp could bring to your cat and home.

Dr. Ross Stated, "If you want your cat to be the happiest he (or she) can be, try increasing his access to vertical space in the home. More vertical space expands his domain, increases enrichment and provides a great passive source of exercise. It also reduces conflict between cats in multiple cat households.'

We often get asked by potential customers how the ScratchyRamp stacks up against typical cat scratching towers, so we asked Dr. Ross the same question to see what he had to say.

"The ScratchyRamp is the perfect alternative to classic cat trees and towers that don't work for all cats. It enables cats to reach higher areas in a comfortable and safe way - especially for those that are elderly, overweight, or are suffering from medical conditions that limit mobility (such as arthritis, back or joint pain)."

Dr. Ross continued to talk about how the ScratchyRamp could help save your furniture, something that all cat parents have an issue with at some point in their journey.

"Another unique feature of the ScratchyRamp is that it also functions as a large new scratching surface. Cats are notorious for scratching furniture and other objects in their environments. Cats scratch to remove the dead, outer layers of their nails, stretch their bodies and to play and work off energy. The ScratchyRamp is a great investment as it not only makes it easy for your cat to reach higher areas, but also provides a large carpeted surface for an awesome alternative to scratching your furniture."

-Dr. Ross Bernstein, DVM

Adorable Cats Posing With Their ScratchyRamp

Proper Scratching is Beneficial For Your Cat's Health

We were so thrilled to see Dr. Ericka Mendez, DVM, post on her Instagram about the importance of cat scratching in relation to their health. 

Dr. Mendez wrote, "Cats must scratch things. It prevents their nails from becoming thickened by helping them shed the outer layers as they are naturally meant to do. If they do not do this, then the nails can become thickened and overgrown and can possibly grow into their paw pads. Imagine the worst ingrown toe nail ever." 

Ouch, that sounds painful. That being said, what is the best solution to make sure our cats avoid overgrown nails?

Dr. Mendez continued, "It is important that we provide our cats with appropriate scratching opportunities or they will make their own scratching opportunities.

A lot of people say to me that their cat has a scratching post but do not use it. Or they use it but they still scratch the carpet or couch. This is because 99% of cat scratching posts do not fulfill the cats’ criteria for 'things I like to scratch'." 

So, why don't traditional scratching posts meet this criteria?

Dr. Mendez explained, "The reason scratching posts are faulty is that they are not sturdy/secure. The cat needs something to scratch on that will not wobble at all. This is why they like couches and carpets so much. I haven’t seen this product in person but I can tell it is perfect for cats just by looking at the design.

Not only is it big enough and sturdy enough to not wobble, but it is covered in a suitable textured fabric that cats love to scratch on. If you struggle with your cats’ inappropriate scratching, this would be immensely useful!

-Dr. Ericka Mendez, DVM

Cats Enjoying Their ScratchyRamp

Cats Deserve the Healthiest and Happiest Lives Possible

Our cat children give us unconditional love and companionship. They enhance the quality of our lives more than we could ever put into words. That is why they deserve the healthiest and happiest lives possible. 

Pamper your cat today with the ScratchyRamp. Use code GIFT15 to save 15% today!

cat ramp

Replace clunky cat towers with this stylish 2 in 1 Cat Scratcher & Ramp, that works as a cat scratcher, while helping assist your cat to the bed or couch if they need support.

  • 2 in 1 cat scratcher & ramp
  • Assist senior cats to high areas
  • Large scratching surface
  • Packs flat for easy storage
  • Handmade arrives fully assembled

Cat Ramp


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