How To Protect Your Cat's Paws To Avoid Injuries

How To Protect Your Cat's Paws To Avoid Injuries

Your Cat Paws Are An Important Part Of Your Cat’s Body

His paws allow him to walk, run, play, and perform other activities of daily living. However, because your cat uses his paws a lot of times, it is especially at risk of getting hurt and injured.

So, how can you protect your cat’s paws? How can you decrease his chance of sustaining paw injuries?

Thankfully, this blog will answer these questions for you.

How To Protect Your Cat's Paws To Avoid Injuries

Inspect Your Cat’s Paws

Taking care of your cat’s paws involves knowing more about them. Through paw inspection, you are allowing yourself to know the state of your cat’s paws, how they are doing, and whether they are free of injury or not.

Inspecting your cat’s paws should be done on a regular basis. Remember that cats are stoic animals. It means that they are good at hiding their pain. So, you need to pay close attention to their paws. When inspecting your cat, look for signs of sores, scratches, injuries, and foreign objects that might have stuck in his paws.

Clean The Paws

Cleaning your cat’s paws help him get rid of dirt, foreign objects, chemicals, and litter dust. If your cat has an open wound, dirt can easily infect and make the wound worse. Using a soft cloth should be enough to clean your cat’s paws.

Use Paw Protectors

You might have seen cats wearing socks, boots, or shoes. Those things are not just there to make them cuter, but also to protect their paws from extreme weather conditions, sharp objects, dirt, and other harmful objects.

How To Protect Your Cat's Paws To Avoid Injuries

Treat Dry Cat Paw Pads

Like our skin, your cat’s paw pads can become dry. If this goes on for a long time, your cat’s paws can become irritated and cracked, leading to an increased chance of getting injured.

To treat this problem, moisturize paw pads with coconut or olive oil. Make sure you don’t use harmful substances as your cat may lick his paws and ingest them.

Keep Your Cat Indoors

If possible, keep your cat inside your home. There’s no doubt, your home is a safer place for your cat compared to letting him roam around outside. Inside your home, there would be fewer thorns, dirt, and sharp objects lying around.

Of course, if you feel that it is important for your cat to explore the outside world, just make sure you keep your area clean. You can keep your yard safer for your cat by getting rid of various objects that can cause injuries. The same is true with the inside of your home. Get rid of or at least keep household chemicals and irritants stored in a secured place.

How To Protect Your Cat's Paws To Avoid Injuries

Provide A Scratching Post Or Surface

Generally speaking, cats who live outside your home can have tougher paws and paw pads because of their constant exposure to the external environment. So, you can still say that there’s something good about letting your cat go outside the house.

However, you can still help your cat develop tougher paws by giving him a scratching post. This allows him to toughen up his paws and paw pads even if he doesn’t go out of the house.

Feed Your Cat Properly

Your cat’s paws would naturally become healthier when his whole body is healthy. Health comes from proper nutrition. Let your cat eat high-quality and nutritious food. When he has the right nutrients, he can better keep his paws healthy.

How To Protect Your Cat's Paws To Avoid Injuries

Healthy Paws, Happy Cats

These are just some of the best tips you should remember to keep your cat’s paws healthy and prevent injuries. With your cat having healthy paws, he can better enjoy life and do the things he likes.

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to speak to your vet. Moreover, doing extra research on this topic won’t hurt. The more knowledge that you have, the better.



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