Benefits And Disadvantages Of Sleeping With Your Cat

Benefits And Disadvantages Of Sleeping With Your Cat

Arguably One Of The Best Feelings In The World Is To Finally Wind Down For The Day

A lot of us look forward to the time when we can put on our pajamas and comfortably sleep on our bed especially after a long and tiring day. As you go to the bed, you notice that your cat is staring at you as if he wants to sleep with you.

Then the thought hits you, “Should I bring my cat inside the room and have him sleep with me?”

Well, a lot of people also asked this question. You might already know some folks who sleep with their cat and you probably are thinking if you can do the same.

Thankfully, this article is here to help you make the right decision. Today, let us weigh the pros and cons of sleeping with your cat.

Benefits And Disadvantages Of Sleeping With Your Cat


Sleeping with someone you love makes sleeping extra special. Thus, it is no wonder that you might want to sleep with your beloved pet.

Sleeping together is one of the best ways to grow closer to your feline friend. It creates a stronger and more powerful bond between you too. For this reason, it is no wonder that fur parents who sleep with their cats are a lot closer to their pets compared to those who don’t let their cats get on the bed.

Another nice thing about cats is that they are warm and fuzzy. Having them in your bed creates a cozier, warmer, and more comfortable environment to sleep in.

Cats have this special ability to help you stay calm and relaxed. In fact, studies suggest that having pets such as cats could reduce anxiety, feeling of loneliness, depression, and other mental problems. So, keeping your fur baby nearby could help you enjoy these benefits.

Cat people are seen to have lower blood pressure, a more positive outlook in life, and better social life. All these can help you sleep better and wake up more energized.

Benefits And Disadvantages Of Sleeping With Your Cat


If there are nice things about sleeping with your fur baby, there might also be problems that may cause you to think twice before you let your cat be on your bed.

For one, there’s a chance that your cat sleeps on you and would feel like a weighted blanket. This can make falling asleep difficult if you’re not used to having someone putting his/her legs on you.

Another problem could be interrupted sleep. As you may know, cats are nocturnal creatures. They are more active at night. This means that your cat may try to wake you up by moving around or by meowing intensely.

Benefits And Disadvantages Of Sleeping With Your Cat

Perhaps, the biggest issue of having your cat on your bed is cleanliness. If your cat plays outside the house, then you are prone to sleep with fleas, ticks, ringworms, and other vermin. They may also bring with them dirt not just from outside, but even from their litter box --- things you actually don’t want to be on your bed.

This means you need to change beddings and clean your room more often. To solve this problem, make sure to keep your cat inside your home or at least keep him clean and free of parasites.

There are also other things you need to consider when sleeping with your pet. If you or your spouse have allergies, then having your cat may trigger an allergic attack. You also need to ask your spouse if it is okay to bring kitty with you.

To Sleep Or Not To Sleep With Your Cat

Now that you have read the advantages and disadvantages of having your cat in your room, you should be able to make a better decision. Yes, there might be some benefits of sleeping with your pet, but it also comes with other potential issues you need to consider.

So, think about the pros and cons. If you need more help, you can also speak to your trusted vet. The more information you have, the better your decision may be.



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